Clay Experience Team Building: Ikigai Garden

€ 200,00
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Ikigai 'a reason for being' is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living. You can center yourself through the artistic tool, clay, colours and painting. Limited to an exclusive group of 10 people, this team building is designed for those seeking connection, self-care, and playfulness through the exploration of creativity and passion.

Discover Ikigai: Immerse yourself in a two-hour color workshop that unveils the power of hues. Engage with colors to unlock your creativity through an easily accessible artistic process. Colors serve as the language of emotions, fostering a joyful and nuanced approach that taps into your inner self and intuition. With a strong emphasis on group participation, the Ikigai workshop is an ideal choice for team-building, allowing exploration of relationships, emotions, and feelings.

Experience Ikigai in either English or Italian, available in-person or remotely, and delve into a transformative journey through the world of colors.

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