Zen and the art of the fake dead Bagarozzo

Today I share with you pearls of wisdom as a metropolitan Lama will speak of a survival technique city Zen contrast: the fake dead Bagarozzo. Years ago a wise friend shared it with me for the first time, since I worked on a lot and modestly have I become a teacher. The last time I used it last Sunday, while I strolled the waterway when an unknown sciura attempted to board pincer, sneaky, tricky, to attack button. But, let’s start from the beginning. This technique should definitely have oriental matrix, but it is said. You use it when you are tired, demotivated, stressed out, when you get bored of the usual dynamics, equivalent to a stretching of the soul, or whatever you prefer, mind, head, brain … It goes like this: Visual Thinking, a animal pretending to be dead, but it is not, no one notices, no one sees it, leave it alone. The problem will turn touching, but it will hit, rush kind that bends, but better yet, not even touching it. Men are naturally inclined to practice the dead Bagarozzo fake, are usually the pc, you talk and respond, but obviously they do not listen, this is a small example of practical but not conscious. What you can ‘groped is to make it an art, a way of life, with awareness, discipline. Usually this resource you use this with loved ones, or for times when you do not want trouble. “Surrender”, or “fake Bagarozzo dead” (Bagarozzo is a fat slow worm) will be a wooooonderful weapon when used with wisdom and skill, you will feel fresh as a rose covered with dew, will melt away tension and some highly stressful situations, like the old queued to that super want, want to go at all costs, however, ah this is another Zen sutra city.


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