Working from home: if you’ve never done it before

Working from home

Working from home

Living all day in pyjamas could be a temptation when you work from home, but the fact that you aren’t going to meet people face-to-face doesn’t excuse you to neglect self-care. Nay, WFH – working from home, i.e. teleworking – gives you the chance to wear more casual clothes than in the office and also the possibility to wear pieces never worn before. Be that as it may, there are good rules for looking good when working from home.

In first place, the word casual doesn’t mean that showers and make up are optional, or that you can wear the same blouse for a month: a smart outfit allows you to feel comfortable in all circumstances and it’s always a good idea to be properly dressed in front of the camera, rather than asking for more time.

In second place, it’s better not to work from bed or on the sofa, in order to organise an adequate space, either physical or mental: being among your family members, as well as the informal set, might distract you, therefore it’s of the utmost importance starting the day as if you were in a real office.

In third place, organize your time, giving yourself schedules and don’t underestimate the load of work: even if WHF saves you some hours, you might have to do some extra (unexpected) housework.

The most important thing is to organise space and time, and being prepared as if you had to go to the office. In the end it can certainly be said that working remotely has positive aspects: for instance @wfhfits, an Instagram account which was set up by New York and London fashion editors (it’s absolutely fashion-approved), has racked up more than 10800 followers since its launch, two weeks ago. Through it, stylists and editors coming from all over the world post photographs of properly remote working outfits.



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