With a bit more intelligence I would stop

That is the unique and wonderful paradox of the artist’s work

With a bit more intelligence I would stop ..” by the sentence pronounced in the ‘interview with Giacometti when this great artist explains what his work and his research. The interviewer asks him if he ever tried to resume the artistic work of the previous period, the old way, and Giacometti responded, and a little surprised, that absolutely is not tempted, once he has learned and knows how to do a certain what, what sense does it repeat? I could not do that repetitions of what I’ve done. There ‘s more adventure. When the artist becomes master of the art, knows, by then the job becomes just an execution, a reproduction. Here is all the distinction and the poetry of life of a great artist, which differs from the pride of the craftsman to repeat a form to perfection. Art is research, the same trip while playing no more research or curiosity is another thing. Giacometti has created wonderful sculptures, along with Modigliani sculptor and painter, are my loves, but as Giacometti himself says, his work has been a continuous quest for “the dream of a head”. He wanted to achieve something that had in its internal representation and tended toward this representation, unhappy with masterpieces that came from his hands, steps that approached him to his ideal. He called the men who walk as simple as working relativamenti, but I assure you that are not easy to achieve even technically.
When in 1957 he was asked some great artists to talk about their reality, Giacometti said:I do painting and sculpture to bite into reality, to defend myself, to feed myself, to become bigger; getting bigger in order to better defend myself, to better attack, to make more grip, to advance as much as possible on every floor in all directions, to defend against hunger, against the cold, against death, to be as free as possible; as free as possible for groped – with the means that today I own – to see better, to understand better what I have around, better understand to be more free, as strong as possible, to spend, to spend myself as much as possible in what I do, to run my adventure, to discover new worlds, to fight my war, for the pleasure? to the delight? of the war, for the pleasure of winning and to lose.

Giacometti let him talk about the truth, sharing the position and experience:
Art interests me a lot, but the truth interests me infinitely more … More work and more see it differently … basically become increasingly stranger, more and more beautiful. It would be worth working for me, even if there is no result for others, for my personal vision … the vision that I have of the outside world and people … I think to make progress every day. For this work more than ever. I’m sure I do what I have not done, and that will make it exceeded what I did until last night or this morning. No one never … You along the way. Then everything becomes a kind of exhilarating delirium, as the most extraordinary adventure: if I started on a ship to unprecedented countries and met islands and increasingly unexpected inhabitants, would make me exactly the same effect. This adventure truly alive. Then, there is an outcome or not, who cares want me to do? That shows there are things you can not miss me or is indifferent. Because for me it is in every way a failure, normal would find that others do not even look. I have nothing to ask if not to continue with her.

Since Giacometti any is only one, and that the artist is a vocation, a choice but also a road that you do not choose, embrace, the experience of work with the artistic tool can open doors of infinite worlds. It ends here where the utopia of a great artist “the dream of a head”, starts the mine, “the dream of art for business,” the idea of ​​bringing this precious life current in the world of work.


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