With a bit more intelligence I would quit

“With a bit more intelligence, I would quit..”

Or the unique and marvelous paradox of the artist’s work.

“With a bit more intelligence, I would quit..” a phrase uttered by the artist in the interview with Giacometti when this great artist explains what his work and his research are about. The interviewer asks him if he is ever tempted to go back to the artistic work of the previous period, in the old way, and Giacometti answers decisively and somewhat surprised, that he is absolutely not tempted, once he has learned and knows how to do a certain thing, what sense is there in repeating it? I could only make repetitions of what I have done. There is no more adventure. When the artist becomes master of the technique, knows, at that point the work becomes only an execution, a reproduction. Here is all the distinction and poetry of the life of a great artist, which differs from the artisanal pride of repeating a form to perfection. Art is research, the journey itself, while reproduction without further research or curiosity is something else. Giacometti created wonderful sculptures, along with Modigliani sculptor and painter, they are my loves, but as Giacometti himself affirms, his work has been a continuous search towards “the dream of a head”. He desired to achieve something that he had in his inner representation and tended towards this representation, dissatisfied with the masterpieces that came out of his hands, steps that brought him closer to his ideal. He defined relatively simple walking men as work, and yet I assure you that they are not simple to achieve even technically.

When in 1957 some great artists were asked to talk about their reality, Giacometti replied:

I paint and sculpt to bite into reality, to defend myself, to nourish myself, to become bigger; to become bigger to defend myself better, to attack better, to get a better grip, to advance as much as possible on every level in all directions, to defend myself against hunger, against cold, against death, to be as free as possible; as free as possible to try – with the means that are mine today – to see better, to understand better what I have around, to understand better to be freer, stronger, to spend, to spend myself as much as possible in what I do, to run my adventure, to discover new worlds, to fight my war, for pleasure? for the joy? of war, for the pleasure of winning and for that of losing.

I let Giacometti speak about the truth, sharing his position and experience:

Art interests me a lot, but truth interests me infinitely more… The more I work, the more I see differently… in the end it becomes always more unknown, always more beautiful. It would be worth it for me to work, even if there is no result for others, for my personal vision… the vision I have of the external world and of people… I think I progress every day. For this work more than ever. I am sure I am doing what I have never done before and that will make what I have done until yesterday evening or this morning surpassed. You never go back… It’s a long way. So everything becomes a kind of exhilarating delirium, like the most extraordinary adventure: if I left on a ship for countries never seen and met islands and inhabitants increasingly unexpected, it would have exactly the same effect on me. I really live this adventure. So, whether there is a result or not, what importance does it have? Whether there are successful or failed things in the exhibition is indifferent to me. Since for me it is a failure anyway, I would find it normal for others not to even look. I have nothing to ask except to be able to continue hopelessly. Given that there is only one Giacometti, and that of the artist is a vocation, a choice but also a path that is not chosen, it is embraced, the experience of working with the artistic instrument can open doors to infinite worlds. And here where the utopia of a great artist “the dream of a head” ends, mine begins, “the dream of art for the company” the idea then of bringing this precious vital current into the world of work, as Mindful Creation, through workshops on Color and Clay Art Therapy.


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