Vision e Mission which shoes for yourself?

To understand what our Vision and our Mission, we can ask for help to the fairy tale “Red Shoes” by Hans Christian Andersen. In this fairy tale it tells the story of a girl, an orphan, who lives in the woods, in freedom, wanting a pair of red shoes. The child waits and waits, collecting pieces of cloth until it has enough for confezionarsi a nice pair of red shoes. Finally happy, zompetta here and the ‘satisfied. But at the climax, it appears a gilded carriage (you know there must be the trick) with an elderly lady on board, which he offers to adopt her. The baby is cleaned and tamed, by the freedom of the forest to more conventional lives in the apartment, villa … home. Old clothes burned, including the popular red shoes and replaced with new clothes and black shoes perhaps designer …
Summing up the fairy tale, the little girl like so much red shoes and she can not help it, a trick he gets a couple made by the lame shoemaker, the whole community judges it very badly because the shoes are bold, looks a bit ‘to the film Chocolat but only this piece, then the new shoes is done a spell, and the poor child becomes the slave of the shoes that make her run, run here and there, do not stop dancing. He manages to take them off for a last time, but she just can not live without red shoes, slips back and curse, in the sense that it is virtually cursed, so begins a dance, wild ride through valleys, forests, mountains, seas. He can not take off your shoes. The only way to return to live in peace is a bit duretta, but desperate times, you know, the Executioner must cut the feet. The tale ends with the girl that now is a bad way with his feet, but in peace, and works in type maid service. In this fairy tale contains many tips, which will help us to avoid asking for help to remove shoes or worse feet, Clarissa Pinkola Estes deepens and leads us in the fairy maze with the book: Women Who Run with Wolves.
The Vision is the Vision, a company or a person. How do you see yourself in the future? The Vision must be explicitly by, called, affirmed, it is our guiding star, what do you want to be? The Mission is the way to go to implement the Vision. What I want? How do I get there? In Fairy Tale red shoes the child has a ‘idea, your shoes precisely, the absolutely must realize, red shoes are a symbol that speaks of the profound nature of the child, which take its psychic forces and realizes what he wants. The rest probably seems familiar, someone tries, with a comfortable road, this road there are old ideas (the lady is older), red shoes but different, a substitute, there are collective judgments of blame and curses. On this road we run, we do not stop and you are not happy. Even once inside you you can not get out. At the end of a half tragedy, due to the fact that the protagonist is not able to fulfill their destiny, giving himself to a surrogate. At this point the message is clear, what our red shoes made by hand, that give us joy? Painting, sculpture, creative writing, cooking, teaching ….. which is our center? For these shoes we must commit ourselves, because the rest is just an imitation that will lead us to cut the base along the ground, the feet. I could open a discourse only on shoes, they say who we are and where we want to go. No one wants to be cut off the feet of the Executioner, but many are sure we wore shoes poisonous ….. A Tibetan sage says “Sometimes things are not as they seem, nor are they something else ….”


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