Valentine’s Day is approaching

Valentine’s Day


How to celebrate Valentine’s Day as an artist? First of all as you already know I always find a good reason to celebrate even when there are no official occurrences. So in this case it becomes a moral imperative to celebrate, but there is a trick. Valentine’s Day is approaching and then someone eagerly awaits, someone is single, someone finds that it is just a commercial gimmick, so tries to minimize it. The point of view that I find interesting, the tick, is to link the party more to our own way to fall in love and live with passion rather than necessarily tie it to a person. In this way we celebrate la Joie de vivre. Alone or in company a delicious dinner, a bottle of champagne, chocolates, macarons, music, a bouquet of roses, a poetry and a good movie are the ideal frame. With your creative ability you can imagine and build a special evening to celebrate life itself. I do not think in this case so much about the gift as an object, but the gift is living the moment to stop and celebrate so, Valentine’s day becomes an opportunity to be grateful, here, now.


Hi, I’m Manuela, urban potter and Italian artist who’s passionate about exploring the expressive potential of clay. With a love for Wabi Sabi aesthetics and the beauty of imperfection, I create bespoke ceramics, paintings, and fine art photography. My studio, nestled in the charming city of Milan, is a magical box where creativity runs wild and beauty is abundant. Whether you’re looking to bring a touch of magic into your everyday life, or simply to explore your creative side through art therapy I’m here to inspire and encourage you on your journey. I bring art into the world and celebrate the beauty in every moment. This blog is my Artistic Salad, filled with creativity, beauty, joie de vivre, passion and tools for creative minds.

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