The suit makes the monk

Only shallow people do not judge by appearances – Oscar Wilde –

This phrase from a great artist, Oscar Wilde, in reality what that means? We grow up hearing that the dress is not the Monaco, that looks can be deceiving, but the first impression is the one that counts. Oscar Wilde, genius refined literary taste and indisputable seeker of beauty gives us a sharp perspective as witty: Only superficial people do not judge by appearances. But what it really means this aphorism? For an ‘artist like me, this phrase is an absolute truth, supported dall’empirica many years of experience of observation of my work and others’ work. Even nell’arteterapia to anthroposophic orientation, ‘ “appearance” of a work reflects the essence of the work and the person. While creating it it is in the realm of truth and authentic, so the final work will be exactly what they should be. In reality in art, essence and appearance coincide. Precisely for this reason a journey of personal growth through art is incredibly effective for those who choose to evolve. Based on experience, those who work with art discovers what being in the here and now a unit, an individual. In the artistic work man is whole and himself. The horizon of the world of ideas is making its way the concept of salutogenesis, a new paradigm in medical research. For salutogenesis means the causes of health, not those of the disease as in the article: Weleda Health Salutogenesis disease is fully explained. Taking a transposition from an ideal plan to a level of immediate enjoyment, the idea of ​​salutogenesis sees the person as a whole, with healing abilities and a deep and unique identity. The basic assumption is that the individual possesses in ‘the resources to confront the obstacles, with what is confrontational and in this meet, grow, discover. In the idea of ​​salutogenesis there is a basic coherence, a dell’individio integrity. This concept led to the plan of life can extend to all, the company’s brochure, your business card in how people dress. And here we come to the aphorism of Oscar Wilde so through appearances we can tell a lot about who we face. Just observe. This idea can be used as a tool to understand who is in front of him, and to build yourself, for a self Effective branding. In this case, since the appearance is what we present, it is necessary that the image coincides with what we are, and that values ​​our individuality. We can not exempt ourselves from having an appearance, why not make it a point of strength, anchoring it with awareness to our essence? A growth path through art can be very helpful in this regard, and advance sardonically, one thing is what they like, one thing is what we are ……. not always the two things coincide. In this context also the clothes make the monaco, how to value themselves? But that’s another post ……


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