The soul is not fashionable


Aldous Huxley writes: “The new” world back in 1932. With a prophetic vision describing a hypothetical future. In this future that does not tell you in detail, it is worth reading the novel, the soul with the impulses that are proper, the enthusiasm, the passion, the excesses, imagination, is asleep, and all of life, reduced to an existential limbo.
The soul awake is uncomfortable, sometimes jumps in the chest, makes two or three somersaults, sometimes it is not happy, sometimes want more, tends to infinity and constant evolution. But, it seems to not go out of style.
When you lose touch with their inner part, the task of adult education, is to shake the torpor, inertia, intellectual laziness, to awaken the impulse that leads to relearn, a kind of curiosity , a will in the philosophical sense. The years dedicated to studies, often lead to excessive specialization, the individual is hypertrophied in some areas, specialization leads to hardening, constitutes a comfort zone earned with hard work, effort, time and money. But not only specialization man lives. So life brings chaos serving, stana from comfort zone to kick, and the face of a powerful experience, as a crisis, specialization and know-how, crumble, do not give answers to important questions.
A path through the artistic medium leads to the emergence of new capacities, opens a window in which they can germinate new seeds.
The ‘soul even if it is not fashionable is the center of our existence is the breath, is the color. We are faced with the choice between remaining always the same, give the same answer to different situations, even demanding, perhaps, different results, or evolve, grow new pathways. Break a pattern of behavior, out of an impasse, it requires effort, a question. The content of the work with the art applied to the path of growth, is to facilitate this delicate transition.

In professional / personal development workshops through art, the role is active,

If the exercise requires to shape a sphere, by assumption, the person must first hand shape, or paint, or what is required. The difference is this, an active and a tool, the artistic tool that goes beyond any scheme because they are traveling in their own dimension, has its own language, that of art.


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