The Sacred Void in Zen: A Creative Approach to Existence

In the West, the concept of emptiness often evokes a sense of absence, lack, or nothingness. However, in Zen and Eastern philosophies, emptiness is far from being a simple absence: it is fertile, it is the matrix from which life can sprout.

Emptiness, is the pulsating heart of Zen practice. It is the space where all things arise and disappear, the fertile ground where the essence of life manifests in all its fullness. In Zen, emptiness is the primordial source of all possibilities, the foundation upon which creation itself rises.

By maintaining the space of emptiness in our mind and being, we become like a clean mirror, ready to reflect the infinite variety of the surrounding world. It is in this state of total openness and acceptance that ideas arise spontaneously, effortlessly, like flowers blooming from fertile soil.

In emptiness, there is no clinging to predefined concepts or rigid mental patterns. It is a territory of absolute freedom, where the mind is free to explore and create without limits. It is only by embracing emptiness that we can access the deepest resources of our creativity, resources that would otherwise remain unexplored and untapped.

This approach to the sacred void is not just a personal practice for me, but it is also the foundation of the workshops I conduct. My method of mindful creation is based on the idea of ​​embracing the space of emptiness, of allowing creativity to flow naturally without being hindered by preconceptions or judgments. It is a way of life that embraces the very essence of life, flowing with constant change and embracing the beauty of impermanence.

In today’s frantic world, full of noise and distractions, rediscovering the sacred void can be a path to reconnecting with our deepest essence, with the very source of creativity and life. It is only in this space of inner silence that we can truly discover who we are and bring out the best in ourselves.


Hi, I’m Manuela, urban potter and Italian artist who’s passionate about exploring the expressive potential of clay. With a love for Wabi Sabi aesthetics and the beauty of imperfection, I create bespoke ceramics, paintings, and fine art photography. My studio, nestled in the charming city of Milan, is a magical box where creativity runs wild and beauty is abundant. Whether you’re looking to bring a touch of magic into your everyday life, or simply to explore your creative side through art therapy I’m here to inspire and encourage you on your journey. I bring art into the world and celebrate the beauty in every moment. This blog is my Artistic Salad, filled with creativity, beauty, joie de vivre, passion and tools for creative minds.

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