How to find the right light in photography

“What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

 A few years ago, I began pondering the essence I wanted my photographs to encapsulate. During my time at the academy, instructors always emphasized an artistic approach, asserting that it yielded truly captivating images, while other methods often led to lackluster results. The academy granted access to an array of substantial equipment, encouraging experimentation. However, the choice ultimately remains deeply personal: flash, natural light, continuous light, or a mix?

In my quest for understanding, I stumbled upon a blog post by photographer Dallas J. Logan discussing light. Logan’s response to the recurrent inquiry about equipment and light was profound—there’s no definitive ‘better’ light; the choice is contingent upon one’s inclination. This insight spurred me to select light that resonated with my artistic sensibilities, stemming from my foundational background, and translate it into my photography.

My light choice neither adheres to current trends nor conforms to orthodoxy. I opt for continuous lights typically used in video shoots, often blending them with natural light. This amalgamation allows me to articulate the emotions I seek to convey. Ultimately, beyond fleeting trends, each individual must discover the light that best narrates their story.

Therefore, the question persists: What constitutes the right light for you?


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