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The business card is a bridge between the digital world where you have your own identity and the physical reality in which you move. I’m a bit obsessed with business card, as indeed in the details. In past years I studied different types of business cards, encountering several difficulties. Basically, the business card i serves to give a first impression, within a fraction of a second and, at that time with that piece of paper you have to communicate years of experience, the type of work, your brand style. But what are the elements that we can use?

  1. the shape of the ticket
  2. the measure-size
  3. the fonts
  4. the quality of the paper
  5. colors
  6. images
  7. the logo
  8. the emotion
  9. the overall quality of the ticket
  10. the graphics

I have a long experience gained in recent years and I left hundreds of dead bodies on my way, in fact I was never completely satisfied with the result, always lacked one or more points mentioned above. Let us see how:
The first thing, first of all is to decide what the emotion of your personal brand, to do it is necessary to isolate 3/4 adjectives that characterize you, this aspect is important and you can not possibly do it alone, you can ask your children or to friends, select a table of adjectives and subject it to those who you trust.When you find adjectives that characterize you, you can choose the size, classic or slim, or standard measures if such adjectives that characterize you allow, online there are several possibilities. Then choose the shape, rectangular is certainly the most widespread, the most comforting, but it could be square if you want to communicate more such dynamism. A separate chapter deserve fonts. The fonts have a personality and communicate an aspect of your personal branding. It can be used in pairs with the previously chosen or, on the contrary to create a nice contrast, for example, a square shape, with a serious dynamic character communicate strong roots in your preparation if you do a creative profession. The color and the colors are an emotional part of the ticket, their presence or absence conveys a message. Fonts can be colored or gray scale. There is no need to put too many colors, better to choose a palette with a main color in font. The images must necessarily be in resonance with the adjectives that you have chosen at the beginning, in my case the adjectives are airy, fun and geometrical, bright are the characteristics of my work and my personal branding.

The logo requires a lot of attention. You have a logo that embodies perhaps different activities, as in my case, or you have a logo for a single activity, you have to decide if the split second in which delivered the ticket the logo helps you communicate the emotion, or if you leave it for a later, about the website, brochure, for a second moment.When you watch your ticket you have to wonder if communicates the emotion that expresses what you are the best. The emotion is the goal. Do not stop if you are not happy. The quality of the paper speaks directly of your brand consistency, and your character, and should be chosen with care. A rough paper could work if, among your adjectives exist roughness, soft if the contrary says something and adds something. The overall quality of the ticket depends on these factors, and who carries out the project, you must apply to quality printing, online there are several, I found that MOO for now is the best I’ve tried. Plenty of choice and excellent basic ticket. Finally, the graphics. Note sore, if you contact a professional, or you do it yourself- I recommend strongly- you have to take the time to develop your graphic.Graphic is the set that contains all the elements mentioned. If you find any -ready made designs- often they work very well, are balanced, allowing you to not go crazy and often you can customize.
Here with these elements you will have a perfect business cards DIY!


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