The little black Jacket, mat for the elegance


“Fashion passes style remains”
said revolutionary icon as Coco Chanel,
or how to survive the deadly virus of bad taste,
who is doing a Holocaust elegance.

The little black jacket, mat for the elegance …. a few simple things, tailoring, not much seems to need me or not?

As you know I handle image in the round, from art, to those fields of “applied art” as the image consultancy, self branding. The image covers many aspects of our existence, is the way we present ourselves, our business card. Today will be your Lama Fashion, and will distribute pearls of wisdom related to good taste. You first need to make a distinction between fashion, elegance, style. Fashion is a game, a market, art, a bag full of things, but certainly some amazing little mettibili, others …. you know, you can do it. The elegance concerns an innate gift, as the class, and, unfortunately, not everyone can have it, those who have doubts about it? Then there are the rules to have a personal style and a suitable outfit for every occasion. These rules can be learned, much to the delight of the wearer and beholder. I will quote Beau Brummell, elegance, below a link to an interesting article on the rules of elegance.

Elegance is an allure that surrounds the person, permeating every aspect of his life, how he moves, how he speaks, the choice of objects, clothing in and outside the home. Elegance and etiquette have a close connection. Also in the house and the bedding? We want to talk about it?

A smart person always knows how to behave, who deliberately avoids attitudes lead to free and unnecessary conflicts, he is aware of his intentions before the treasury shares. The elegance comes from within and connects to the nobility. It is not a question of signatures. For the rest of us working on. For example avoid excesses, especially for women should be the norm. It is clear that the problem of size is critical, too tight, too high, too you know, wrong. The elegance has as its counterpart not obvious harmony. Everyone can promote himself, with the help of adequate advice. This is not to imitate but to be unique inimitably, in harmony, in peace with yourself, avoid confrontations. As Lama Fashion can not refrain from suggesting a close connection between know yourself and outfits. Did you happen to see how some people have innate elegance? They have the ability to make everything appear simple, as if it happened, of course ….. to top it off always quoting my beloved:

If a woman is badly dressed you notice the dress, if it is well dressed you notice the woman.

(Coco Chanel)


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