The koan of the family and solution

the koan of the family, or how to live happily between the absurd and the paradox, how to survive and do some shopping therapy, and in case of extended family, such as ward off a future serial killer.

There was a movie, Parents snakes, not by chance, in fact, if you have called so you see that the problem is widespread. Koan is a riddle, Zen teaching, without an answer, the koan of the family is definitely an enigma, a mystery and a teaching, first of all the patience, do not forget the self-defense, because the best is usually stabbing come to dessert, between a smile and a I “you can pass the sugar”? In many years of empirical study on the field I was able to gather a data store can open a new gill of knowledge, the famigliologia.

In time, my knowledge it was possible to enrich observing components of the families of the engaged couple, and thus widen the repertoire, ranging in different geographical areas and subcultures. But that’s not all, I was able to collect a lot of data that demonstrate how the absurd, the paradox, the knife devious are an intrinsic part of the parental life, touching the tips when it comes to extended families. There is a fairly large literature on mother in law, (unfortunately after the workshops for victims of bullying, victims of war should open one for the victims of the in-law) and if there means that many were able to taste the joys of this neighborhood, but there are also first studies of extended families and the various roles that this new arrangement requires. The blog of stepmothers Rossella Calabrò is a real masterpiece of this branch of knowledge. The stepmother is now a classic, an evergreen. Stepmother is the second wife of the man who has children. Stepmothers in fairy tales are tremendous. However, if you look historically and especially studying a source of knowledge indisputable as the film “Snow White and the Huntsman”, he get to stand on the side of the Stepmother, at least for the clothes, because the bad guys always have the best outfits. For an artist family we say is a nice break Koan, as an aggravating I am an artist still alive, I survived, and so if you did not kill me the damn artist clichés do not know it but c ‘is the family. Then the range of nuances of instruments to resist the plague 10, (or 11? I do not know maybe true for two or is at par with the locusts), the family, might range from “I’m a fake Bagarozzo dead”, to “nothing to do nothing to undo “to something in the Collector of bones” style “. And here we come to the point what I can recommend to those who like me, the family breaks the Koan? First of all it needs a space to hole, a space where you say “Arimo” magic word, which in boys games guaranteed the security, otherwise I revived. A course in painting, or pottery but not wave your first masterpieces to relatives, I saw crowds of young talent decimated by the comments to the caustic soda of loved ones, a holocaust. I have survived to the comments of my beloved mother just becoming borderline, you see you, then has the nerve to tell me I’m crazy. Second, in addition to a space to nourish the soul with the advice art shopping ALONE, without relatives, wives, girlfriends, children, husbands, shopping for yourself, yes, something beautiful, something that makes you feel cool. Without saying anything to anyone. Finally for the problem of the serial killer, and here I confess outing, I’m working, it is a temptation too, too strong.


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