The know-how god and the temptation of specialization

watercolor on paper by Manuela Metra

Miro as claimed, to keep alive the work you need to stop before becoming experts, the temptation of specialization according to the painter would have sterilized the research work and growth. He continued throughout his life to contend with different techniques in the artistic, exploring new territories, such as when he went into the study of Artigas, famous potter, however, did not become an expert and did not fall into the trap of God Noau. Rudolf Steiner, studying the man with anthroposophy has laid the groundwork for what may be the renewal of learning. Why a specialization excess is harmful? And, what are the learning / specialization limits? Know-how is the set of abilities, skills, necessary to exercise a profession, by extension becomes the training and the curriculum of a person. The know-how you play games series, those with the business plan to be clear, investors and all the rest. But in time, he could be the body of knowledge regarding any individual’s in this context to working life, he has become the God Noau. In his name occur sacrifices of generations on which you make the harvests without exception. The priestly class of this deity has adherents in schools, from nursery up to postgraduate courses, in the working of any kind, and is spreading its tentacles in every corner where there is talk of any kind of skill. In the name of this God so many individual faculties are offered, and concepts such as happiness, satisfaction, balance, sense of completeness, are taboo. The space for play and entertainment is increasingly cut out for growth of specific skills in the sector and, in the case of children, in favor of an education “optimal” hypertrophic in some areas. The idea of ​​building a “” learning method that fits on the individual as a tailored suit is Rudolf Steiner. The teaching he thinks about is brought into the twenty-first century by Van Houten who even translates the thought dell’antroposofo, for the company and for contemporary and future generations of managers. In the book “The adult education through the awakening of the will,” he says that to get to shelter from hardening of the specialization you need to drop the study of a discipline, subject, or technique, within a process, and this process It unravels following the laws of the life processes. A teaching so articulated allows the individual and the group to learn, to change and encourages the growth of new capacity, the exact opposite of specialization. In the first case the individual and the matter become an all ‘one, in the second, the matter becomes a hard shell that separates the person from the world, from itself and preclude future development. Of course it is through art, painting and modeling, we have one of the keys of access to unearth the New, the fact art has a language all its own, the art exactly …


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