The artist’s path

The street’s artist, introduction to artistic advice

or principles and description of what happens to those who bravely leaves the comfort zone to enter the areas chaos

What happens during a session of artistic advice? And to whom? Where? Legitimate questions that I was asked.

Then, the study consists of door, light, little heating, tables, chairs. And the study is not under the bridge, sorry, but it is almost an attic, with artist cliché we. The morning and afternoon, that is when I work …. well I’m sober, but after seven happy because in vino veritas.

My motto …. “In the beginning was Metra”, perhaps too biblical, let’s see …. “Come clean exit pataccato” too low profile …. “We care about your dreams”, too sugary .. …

“Put art in your Pads” … a little ‘hippy insane ….. oh well the motto, the real one is:

“Stay alive and be true”, demanding, ‘na hard work. Although “in the beginning was Metra” I do not mind.

But let’s move on. Used materials, pencils, chalks, watercolors, clay; materials, modeling, drawing painting. Conceal, conceal, conceal .. The trump card the anthroposophic approach, to make matters worse, it mixes cleverly with zen concepts and aesthetic criteria wabi sabi. Duration of the session 45 minutes who rules there more? Then it becomes more an hour, amen. What is the artistic process? The artistic process is something magical, like a fairy tale, is to create the capacity to set in motion the forces dormant in the human being. I say no more, is to be discovered. Benefits? Makes you lose weight, she fights wrinkles, gives charm, e..beh it makes you feel better, happier. I know, you are manager, oriented to the objective, I have to be more focused than that? Mmmmm goals, happiness seemed already a lot, wrinkles, lose weight, I understand, the question of questions: can you monetize? Of course, for example, now all they want ‘is the story of the resilience in the curriculum, and I conceal, yes, learn resilience and bad with me, at least the ones that hold the blow. Then we see, the ability to be creative helps in problem solving of trouble, and the reports which I think we put this lily, I know that office in the jungle you do not care, among shooters of knives behind, professionals of tripping, sharks .. .. and then could serve business acumen, ie there are to be afraid of ideas. Finally, perhaps for those who want to, you do a bit of self branding that will not hurt.


I am an Artist, located in Italy, the country of Art and Dolce Vita, in love with wabi sabi ceramics. I am specialized in art laboratories, helping people to meet the creative side of life, and helping creative entrepreneurs and companies with branding through my artworks with a dash of clean style to capture the harmony of life. I also work in Hospitals with clay therapy laboratory for children. This blog is my Artistic Salad, filled with creativity, beauty, joie de vivre, passion and tools for creative minds.

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