Terrible Routine and solution

In the book “The eight steps,” by Lama Surya Das, there are so many pearls of wisdom today, however, as your Lama Metropolitano I submit another zen Revolution: “nothing to do, nothing to undo.” And let’s keep it there.I often think of this thing, so far from the Western thought paradigms, and sometimes far from my being overactive, splashed? But today as Lama Houdinì I would try to bring together this maxim with the art and maybe lower the whole in daily life, rather than my delight cross. Yes I admit that to the newspaper I have a natural distrust. Since that day, the tran Tran seems like a sucker Alien poetry, avid devourer of beauty, like the dementors Harry Potter. The Tran tran, already tell you goose bumps to me, it is a subtly perverse mechanism that destroys passions, loves, dreams, testing, as far as I’m concerned, the Koan of everyday life, that is the meaning of human existence. The “Tran tran” would seem a reassuring sound, like a lullaby, and a little fact makes sleep awareness, leads us gently to rise on the hamster wheel to get to work, to school to pick up their children …

The Tran tran appears in each repetitive action, mechanics, lived without awareness. Paradoxically, what it is repetitive away from the awareness and uniqueness of the moment. However, the repetitive part exists, then it can be assumed as an antidote to avert the destruction of beauty? The maxim “nothing doing nothing to undo” it seems to me to offer a privileged point of view, excellent antidote to alienation. I think the interpretations can be many, now see it that way, in each of us there is Everything, answers, resources, a perverse and ironic fun of getting into trouble, and the tools to get out of it. The Tran tran, as I have seen, not everyone has the same effect that has on me, but for all is a life-long challenge. I found the antidote in the art, the beauty stirs and contemplated, in the beauty tout court my solution and for me “nothing to do, nothing to undo” means remember that beauty does not depend on anything, from no action, object or person, is here now at all times, in a thought, in a flight of the mind, the music I listen to in the car, in the silence, in a thousand little things, but mostly it is in and everywhere, not dependent, it is. Clearly after titato off this rabbit out of the cylinder zen, your Houdinì Lama, rests, but not before closing the circle, the art helps in this, is the queen of antidotes, and yes, because each work is unique, and artistic work requires presence, responsibility, and awareness is a highway for the beauty, each work is the new, and as such does not allow comparisons, while following the laws. How many artists are an outsider, almost always of place, Fuoritempo, but at least this is at home, in my element, art is the temple in which it suspends the Tran tran, there just does not dare to enter, every gesture is unique, unique, poetry in action, poetry, beauty. There are places where I log in as on hot coals, often walking on eggshells, almost always, but in the art flight temple with broad wings ….

I leave in the hands of a close companion of spleen, Baudelaire, with poetry Albatros.


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