Haiku Collection for Everyday Poetry: functional and poetic one of a kind Wabi Sabi Ceramics, 100% handmade with love. My artistic ceramics are glazed with lead free and cadmium free glazes but are artistic scene objects for photographic sets and home decor.You can choose the shape and the color in order to customise your wabi sabi spaces. All my ceramics are handmade so the actual pieces may vary slightly in size, shape and colours just because products are handcrafted one at a time. It is therefore very rare to create identical items for me. There may be natural variations that are not product flaws but distinctive traits of its uniqueness. Expect lovely variations in my colors and glazes. As you can see there is the new color palette. Do you fancy the catalogue? The orders placed in summer will be prepared in September, but now there is a long waiting list.

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