Seasons’ colors

Seasons’ colors
di Manuela Metra

It is not always easy to find something to be happy about or grateful. It seems normal to focus on the problems and on which ones missing instead of looking at was is there. But if I stop to think there is in the present in the here and now something to be happy about. The rhythms of the seasons with the colors and the magic that is renowed. Always make me happy to watch the beauty around. The sunrises and the sunsetsare all diffent and so stunning, the clouds and the sky, the colors of the seasons, the quiet life at home, the silence early in the morning, the beauty of cats, the playfulness of dogs happy running, the corgi that I love, the scent of a home made cake, the breakfasts, the teatimes, I can find something to be happy about, even when it seems impossible….


I am an Artist, located in Italy, the country of Art and Dolce Vita, in love with wabi sabi ceramics. I am specialized in art laboratories, helping people to meet the creative side of life, and helping creative entrepreneurs and companies with branding through my artworks with a dash of clean style to capture the harmony of life. I also work in Hospitals with clay therapy laboratory for children. This blog is my Artistic Salad, filled with creativity, beauty, joie de vivre, passion and tools for creative minds.

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