Intimacy of daily objects

“Manuela Metra offers ceramics that stimulate not only the visual dimension but also the physical.  Her purity of forms and compositions and the executive simplicity that characterizes the works of Manuela, show how it is possible to get rid of everything that is unnecessary and unimportant. When things clouds a clear view of the world, look to Manuela’s art to provide a full understanding of living.” 

About my ceramic Work
Paolo Levi museo di Monreale

“To understand the pictorial conception of Manuela Metra, one must approach the themes of  wabi sabi.

Within this realm, a search for simplicity and purity is reflected not only in her ceramic production, but which also manifests itself in the rest of her work. This starts with the large sheets, apparently dedicated only to studies and drafts but which actually constitute independent magnificence.  You can see the warm air of summer expressed by joyful and sunny colors, but they already contain the prelude to the autumn, with its darker colors obtained from the mixture of lighter tones.”

“In Manuela Metra’s work, the stoneware takes on a spherical shape with the insertion of brightly colored paints, that are distributed on the surface like a lava flow. When you look closer, it is the same shape that comes from the earth, i.e. the spherical one, which is inclined in various dimensions. It is an absolute example of volumetric essentiality, a perfect symbol of unity, of Platonic origin, where the sphere would be similar to the celestial spheres. The same material is used by the sculptress, for the realization of cups, which in the jagged edges or in the small holes made in stoneware, can be assimilated to a living and pulsating material, as well as to small satellites, which are placed in direct relationship with the spheres. Strongly intuitive in the reasons and inspirations of the artist, are the sculptural works of great interpreters of art, not only Italian, such as the brothers Pomodoro and Lucio Fontana, but also Henry Moore, a genius in the common use of shapes and materials.”

Talking works, the Living Art
a cura di Francesca Teresa Giffone

“Entering the furnace you can discover the Atelier of Manuela Metra, a painter but above all a ceramic artist. Her wabi sabi artifacts are works that ask to be admired for the beauty of their shapes and colors, where imperfection becomes pure aesthetics. It could only be like this where masters such as Filarete, Chiminaghi, Giò Ponti have passed.”

Arbiter Magazine

“Manuela Metra Artist and Alchemist finds in ceramics a way to give usability to her products which thus become not only works of art but tools and objects to be used in everyday life. In her unique pieces she does not simply seek functional perfection but always also the soul of the object, according to the oriental ceramist tradition, firing its ceramics at 1260 degrees, thanks to very specific kilns.”

Looking for the soul of things
Corriere della Sera
Settimio Benedusi

temporal echo

“In recent years Manuela has worked mainly with flowers fine art photography. She also loves to explore this theme within all possibilities ranging from classical composition, to a pictorial legacy of fine art, still life, and land art that is a conceptual and exquisite fine art photography.”

Corridore Elephante Magazine




CATALOGUE Wabi Sabi Table

Manuela Metra is an Italian artist known for her works that explore the concept of time and memory through different techniques, such as painting, sculpture and performance.

In her works, Metra often uses elements from the past, such as vintage objects or archive images, to create a dialogue with the present and the future. The artist believes that time is not a linear line, but rather a continuous flow of the present that includes the past and the future.

Metra has exhibited her work in numerous exhibitions internationally, including many in Italy, receiving national recognition and international acclaim for her innovative and visionary work. Her art has been described as evocative, emotional and introspective, and has captured the attention of critics and art aficionados around the world.

Furthermore, in addition to being a successful artist, Manuela Metra is also an art teacher and an exhibition curator. She has worked with numerous cultural institutions and has conducted workshops and lectures on her artistic practice and the themes she explores in her work.

Manuela Metra is an Italian artist known for her work which explores the concept of time and memory through different techniques. Her works have been widely exhibited and enthusiastically received by critics and the public, and her latest project is in exploring time and space through the digital and physical worlds, art is stepping into.