Personal Vision and Mission: Unveiling Your Authentic Self

To understand our Vision and Mission, we can seek guidance from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale, ‘The Red Shoes.’ The tale follows the story of an orphan girl living freely in the woods, yearning for a pair of red shoes. Gathering scraps of fabric, she eventually sews herself a beautiful pair of red shoes. Overjoyed, she dances around, satisfied. However, a golden carriage appears with an elderly lady offering to adopt her. The girl is cleaned up and tamed, transitioning from the freedom of the woods to a more conventional life in apartments, villas, or grand residences. Her old clothes, including the beloved red shoes, are burned, replaced with new clothes and perhaps designer black shoes. To sum up, the tale depicts a girl’s love for the red shoes, an insatiable desire, leading her to craft a pair from a kind-hearted shoemaker. Yet, the community judges her severely for these bold shoes. Similar to the film ‘Chocolat’ in some ways, but only in this segment. Subsequently, a spell is cast on the new shoes, and the poor girl becomes enslaved by them, compelled to dance and run incessantly. She manages to remove them for the last time, but she cannot live without the red shoes. She puts them back on and is cursed—she embarks on an endless dance, racing through valleys, woods, mountains, and seas. She cannot take off the shoes. The only solution to regain peace is harsh—the executioner must cut off her feet. The tale concludes with the girl, now in poor condition with her feet, living in peace and working as a housemaid. This fairytale offers several insights that help us avoid seeking help to remove shoes or, worse, our own feet. Clarissa Pinkola Estes delves into this labyrinth of fairy tales in her book ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves.’

Vision represents the future view of a company or individual. How do you envision yourself in the future? Vision needs to be explicit, stated—it’s our guiding star. What do you want to become? Mission is the path toward fulfilling the Vision. What do I want? How do I get there? In the tale of ‘The Red Shoes,’ the girl has an idea—the red shoes—she absolutely needs to bring them to life. The red shoes symbolize the girl’s profound nature, as she harnesses her psychic forces and materializes her desires. The rest might seem familiar: someone tempts her with an easy path, where there are old ideas (the old lady), different red shoes, a substitute, collective judgments of blame, and curses. On this path, there’s constant running without happiness. Once on this path, one cannot get off. Ultimately, it leads to a partial tragedy, as the protagonist fails to realize her destiny, surrendering to a surrogate. The message is clear: what are our handmade red shoes that bring us joy? Painting, sculpting, creative writing, cooking, teaching… What is our core passion? For these red shoes, we must strive because everything else is just an imitation that could lead to losing our grounding on earth—our feet. I could go on about shoes, how they define who we are and where we want to go. Nobody wants their feet cut by the executioner, but many, I’m sure, have worn poisonous shoes. A Tibetan proverb says, ‘Sometimes things are not as they seem, but they’re not something else either…


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