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There is no second chance to make a first impression

So who is circumspect has long realized that the first impression is the one that counts. It would be desirable that everyone understood this hard truth, all we judge by appearances.
To privacy seems a pipe dream to expect and demand dignity and class, the domestic environment becomes the scene of the most unspeakable atrocities behavioral and stylistic, as if to serve as an outlet for all the repressed instincts, evidently with exhausting effort, in the workplace. Spouses suffering from such outbursts thank, then they will make the bags, without appreciating so and so many gifts, and who knows why.
But, for those who understood or were forced to understand the importance of appearance, or rather, for those who have long sought an improvement, there is a personal branding. In the case of personal branding manager, hopes of a result they seem more optimistic. The manager goes to goal, so if you put an objective of a structural improvement of its image / impression, we could be assured of a positive result, especially the promise that the improvement will increase productivity and profits, and would be a great service to sell.
But in addition to the reasons that lead a person to think to turn to a professional like me, a personal branding manager, let’s see what it is, why it should work, and what’s going to hit.
We are all people, whole, individuality. It sounds obvious, but why you act in compartments? In every moment we bring our whole selves, even when the car is stopped at traffic lights, and maybe, just maybe, no one sees, so no fingers in the nose.
Everywhere you go you bring the whole individual. So enough with the absurd division between being and appearance, we match these two aspects and keep alive the whole.
From here, we can think about making a ‘objective analysis of what are our strengths, skills understood as skills, and passions. This, I have seen over time, be a sore point. The tendency is to want to be something they like, often denying their very nature, with the result of living without a center or power. The judgment is a big problem, as well as prejudice. So to do this route, drain, empty, empty. Found the center, we will find the line of least resistance and force majeure. The passion, the vitality will explode. How to appear on the company and what you put on him are amplifiers of our inner selves, so they must be chosen with care.
We come to taste factors, culture, savoir faire, education, common sense, sensitivity.
Being able to make a good conversation, have a basic culture, cultivate the savoir faire, are essential aspects as much as the basic rules of personal hygiene.
Being complex human beings, at least potentially, we have many areas of relevance and many possibilities, you need to learn. As for elegance, style and good taste, you must rely on a consultant or study. Magazines can be tricky, especially for women, offering variety of outfits that would be desirable to avoid like the plague, unless it is a model on the catwalk.
Thus, the arsenal of feminine possibility becomes almost always a terrible own goal.
color pallet, hairdresser, makeup, clothing, accessories, manicures / pedicures are to be studied, the wardrobe should be rationalized. I saw things that are creepy. So take upon himself the responsibility of appearing, the ask is necessary, always, but mandatory at certain levels. Finally, I would like to superficially treat the coveted social network. The selfie is not a self-portrait by Rembrandt, facciamocene a reason and yes, you can avoid it, yes, I assure you. It is not mandatory, nor recommended. It always goes by the consultant, that takes you from a good photographer and cure your image. It is not a question of money but of culture and taste. These simple steps will put in a position to share with your image, with your personal branding managers and your integrity.


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