Know-How God and Little Red Riding Hood

illustrazione di Daniel Egneus (un genio dell’illustrazione)

Once upon a time…..

This opening words caught the imagination taking us there on the magic carpet in a different time and in a thousand enchanted places when we were kids, for some of us, still at the magic call upon a time … takes the learning mode that travels on the waves of magical thinking and sapienzialità archetypal, mythological. According to Rudolf Steiner (and I confirm) if the child is read fairy tales, these seeds sown in the soul-psyche, grow, germinate and, in adulthood, after age 40, the child in question potra ‘collect a rich legacy in terms, and here dear strong hold on managers, creative thinking, fruitful, vital, living thing. What you will never be living thought? You have a poor echo in the speech inherent in the lateral and divergent thinking, associative, systemic maps, but I repeat are only surrogates. What I speak of is a kind of superpower, a different way of thinking full optional. Now I think you stay almanaccando all things that adults will read. They do not apply: the Gazzetta dello Sport, crossword puzzles with her grandmother, old grandmother always kind Confidenze magazines, less old magazines like Who, nothing scholarly readings, sorry. I talk about what genuine gruesome tales of the Brothers Grimm Mithyc, tops the list as fecundators of creative thinking of an adult.
So if you have not been pardoned from this important corpus of human knowledge resign, we will make a recovery in the corner of your ability, it will cost some effort, time and hard cash drachma. For my training, I worked for the legendary Tales Brothers Grimm, but nothing, nothing compares to the pleasure experienced as a child when I listened. Now of course with my superpower I can decipher the meaning hidden inside, and feed my soul, see the fairy tale if I need to find a solution. In fact, fairy tales contain a sapienzialità concerning the life of all of us, we enclose the difficulties that our soul could encounter and solutions, a sort of best, worst and average cases, and more. The meaning embodied in the tale is written in a special language, mysterious, magical, Fairy-tale indeed. I modestly are perfectly bilingual or nearly so, in the sense that I speak enough Italian, the better the fairytale, so that do not always understand me and vice versa. What is it? As each language has its own rules, the constituent elements, syntax, grammar, etc., in the case of the fairy tale elements have a history that includes a teaching, a lot of special characters and symbols, but especially the tale speaks in pictures. At this point we must learn to decipher, decode. When you are facing the realization that professional skills are not enough, when you want to put back into circulation the ability to generate ideas, when seeking food, when you are looking for answers, the fairy tale is a crystalline source, invigorating food, forest magical. To children it is important to read fairy tales, but with the criteria, based on age and content. For adults a ‘initiation Fairy Tale could be the book Women Who Run with Wolves, text suitable men too for those who had doubts. Once reunited at the source, to the vital river of knowledge Fairy you can think of going beyond the skills, will start to bloom seeds of new skills, and the God Noau, imprisoned by the sorcery of Old Witch with chick peas and hairy-eyed or Shoemaker Zoppo, see you, could be ‘finally becoming a gardener, in a wise king and eventually into a powerful magician ….


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