the imaginative language of fairy tales

Once upon a time… These opening words have the power to transport us to magical worlds and enchanted places, making us dream like children or, for some of us, still captivated by the call of the marvelous ‘Once upon a time…’. It’s like activating a learning mode that travels on the waves of magical thinking and archetypal and mythological wisdom. According to Rudolf Steiner, if fairy tales are read to children, the seeds sown in their souls grow, germinate, and in adulthood, after the age of 40, the child will be able to harvest a rich legacy of creative, fruitful, vital, and pulsating thinking.

But what exactly is meant by vital thinking? Perhaps there isn’t a precise match in discussions about lateral or divergent thinking or in associative and systemic maps. What I’m talking about is a kind of superpower in thinking. And this power is nurtured and developed by reading fairy tales. These stories contain wisdom that concerns everyone’s life, presenting the difficulties that the soul might encounter and suggesting solutions, like a list of best, worst, and average cases, and much more.

The intrinsic meaning in fairy tales is expressed in a special, mysterious, and magical language, typical of the fairy-tale world. But what exactly is it about? Just as every language has its rules, constituent elements, syntax, and grammar, so do fairy tales have a history that contains teachings, special characters, and symbols, but above all, they express themselves through images. Here is where we must learn to decipher, to read between the lines.

When one realizes that professional skills are no longer enough, when one desires to reawaken the ability to generate ideas or find answers, the fairy tale becomes a crystalline source, a regenerating nourishment. Reading fairy tales is important for children, but it’s equally important to do so according to age and content. For adults, an adventure into the world of the Language of Fairy Tales could begin with the book ‘Women Who Run with Wolves’.

Reconnecting to the source, to the vital river of knowledge contained in fairy tales, we’ll see seeds of new capabilities sprout. The imaginative language of fairy tales will reveal its secrets, offering new horizons of wisdom and creativity.


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