Image consulting and personal branding

That is what makes this mysterious figure, the features of a personal branding process-oriented managers and usefulness of its function

My job as a personal branding manager, process-oriented has its roots in an innate ability to observe and listen, and a taste for beauty that embraces every aspect, I love art, fashion, cuisine, and I think that beauty is fundamental. The beauty also makes living difficult moments, makes you feel good, a bit like the fairy dust, makes the world a better place. As an artist I studied the picture from a technical point of view and, of course, artistic, in my training there is also sculpture, an image that has three dimensions. Structure, composition, surface quality, color, soul sensation of color combinations, are the tools of the trade. My passion for beauty, however, embraces every moment of daily life, including the house, table, food, clothing, hair and makeup. The first people to benefit of image consulting are my relatives, like it or not, and of course my favorite gym, myself. It’s stronger than me. My Mission, the beauty declined in all shades, is for me the sweet side of existence, nourishment and panacea for all ills. Vision, a world more beautiful, more good, more vero.Una image consulting, personal branding or even better, oriented to the process have as a feature to borrow the rules of creating art, the actual artistic process, and apply them to the creation of an image to put on and live. The work of art is the person and the moment, here and now. A well-conceived artistic process is alive, able to go beyond time, freeing yourself from the epochal conditioning to enter the no time, you will be able to also speak in another historical moment. Apply a cut like that the image consulting and personal branding means making a distinction between fashion, elegance and personal style. In the words of the fashion icon Coco Chanel: “Fashion goes style remains.” There’s a difference between what is in fashion, and be elegant, as there is a difference between personal style, personal branding and family well-thought culturally conditioned.

Image is important and can make the weakness of the strengths points.

The image personally regards the particular events of a person’s life, such as a job interview, or a return after a period of maternity, marriage, critical times appear in court, go to the cause for the credit children, but also all those moments of passage in a person’s life, those moments in which you change the skin and extends to activities that affect us. Of course also it affects the peaceful flow of existence. You want to make good photos? You have a room that needs a new look? You want to understand how to effectively communicate your talents? The personal image consultancy is to project the right image of himself, authentic, real, under the best possible light. In addition to apparel choice extends to the make-up for women, the hair salon, to how to stand, how to communicate, to body language, the real and virtual image, on social. Another aspect of image consultancy may involve consulting Home, until you get to the details of their own existence and become just personal branding in its own right. Knowledge of the pallet of colors that can give the complexion, as the emotional impact of color on the people around us are just one of the focal points. In counseling the image the person makes of itself a unique work of art, living, changing, with the help of a professional. It ‘a process, it is fun, about themselves, a gift that makes you to feel good and confident, every day and in fragile moments. For the individual of the XXI century the armor is the coherence between being and appearance, look for what is, in the best light. A well thought out image is a gear that does not disappoint, supports, accompanies, it’s fun and it’s something less to worry about. The image consultancy is only one aspect of what is personal branding.


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