How to choose a taylored color palette

Choosing a color palette mindfully, whether for your website or social accounts, holds significant importance. Colors inherently convey emotions, making the selection for your personal branding a crucial aspect.

There are two approaches to consider when determining a color palette. The first, more common, involves seeking guidance from a consultant who presents potential working color palettes. These palettes often come with pre-existing balances and templates for websites, furniture, clothing, etc. While safe, reliable, and swift, this approach lacks personalization and may become outdated over time, constraining flexibility.

The alternative approach, which I advocate, is more intricate in its research phase. However, it allows for customization and evolution over time, adapting like a second skin to its user.

To discover your colors, create a relaxed mental space. Set aside time for yourself, maybe once a day or week, for 10-15 minutes. In this mindful state, observe the colors around your home without judgment and take note. Do this for every room, the selected linens, and items you’ve surrounded yourself with over time. Additionally, explore your photos to extract common color themes. Patience is key; rushing may lead to settling for a premade color palette. Yet, through these introspective sessions, you’ll gradually uncover familiar colors and unique hues that sporadically embellish your life.

What you’ll discover is your personalized color palette. These colors, collected over years, authentically reflect you and can evolve alongside your journey. They’re genuine, entirely bespoke, and unexpectedly consistent in their appearance, speaking volumes about your authenticity.

Colors aren’t chosen; they’re felt and lived. Armed with this self-gathered data, you can revamp anything from your website to redecorating or redefining your social accounts. This personalized foundation grants you autonomy, making you the expert consultant for yourself. It’s a DIY process—empower yourself!


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