Female elegance the winner rules

Today I would like to add some words of wisdom inherent in some women’s rules on dress, some advice and, finally, some revelation on manicure and pedicure.

I do not recommend to anyone the idea of ​​fur, for obvious reasons, some perhaps not so obvious.
The idea of ​​animal fur was fine when in caves there was no heat, there was neither all that exists now in terms of fabrics. The fur is offensive, indecent, cruel and does just ignorant. Not to mention that is bad at all.
Having said that we speak of the basic, shoes. During the day the heel should never exceed 10 cm, stay within the 10 cm, even better that the shoes are flat especially if the day includes many activities. After five, for the cocktail we’ll see that something could change, until the evening with maximum 12cm heel, but with the clarifications.
The height of the heel has to follow, as well as the rules of etiquette, also the anatomy, the structure and the size of the wearer, and especially the height. They’re awful high heels, and very high for those who are not high. I know I’m shouting in the desert, it styled John the Baptist, but it is. The heel can not and must not be half the length (or more) that goes from the foot to the knee, in fact the effect you get is ridiculous in the first place, unmanageable and last but not least shortens the leg, if you are tall 180 cm, at least potentially, may bring the heel 16. With the fashion of 16/20 cm heel, horrible visions have stunned me. Then we must say that the heel is worn, you can not walk on the heel as with the moccasin, the pitch is also shortened, and any shape resort, behavior and dress accordingly. Then, please, the open toe with pollicione slipping out of the plateau above the heel 16, summer and winter, this blessed toe 4 seasons he has not seen a professional pedicure from that day of the wedding, here is not, to be avoided.
No need to have a wardrobe 8 doors chock full of cheap shoes, the shoes say who you are, few but good, so maybe if you really want to open the much-quoted toe will stay where it belongs. It depends on the quality. Manicure: nail art? No, not at all, never, ever.
The fact that there is this possibility does not oblige anyone to take it. The nails with nail art do not go well, but also the French manicure does not fit, and stay strong, even the square nail, I know you upset, but not good, so nails are not beautiful. The reconstruction of the gel, and nail type Wolverine, who resist the Everest climb, is not classy. Then how to do? A regular manicure, sober color palette, which go unnoticed, moderate length, not square shaped oval nail. Finally, the color palette for clothing is certainly coupled to the complexion, but when in doubt, black, gray, beige, ivory, blue diplomat, I assure you they are classics, never go wrong, ever. For nails, neutral, natural, and you will always be perfect. Why the little black dress, the classic décolleté, on Chanel style jacket you are always agree? They are timeless classics.


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