Clay Therapy an health recipe: Sculpturing and modelling

Why does the Clay therapy work? Two or three little things to know about Clay Therapy

Apart from the attractiveness it arouses in everyone, including myself, clay has other infinite possibilities and applications, one of which is therapy.
Clay therapy is a form of art therapy that prefers clay as main instrument.
Maybe you’re wondering if it’s my invention…It has existed from along time!

How and why should it work as Therapy? Therapeutic modeling and sculpturing is a form of art therapy and anthroposophical medicine. Diagnosis and therapeutical proposals are based on Rudolf Steiner human being studies. The methodology comes from Goethe’s phenomenology. Anthroposophical art therapy is processual and based on human being needs. Clay allows to enter immediately in relation through the sense of touch. In the modeling with clay the two hands, which work together, create forms that inhabit a three-dimensional space and one can work the surface through multiple interventions. But in addition to these aspects, clay has the characteristic of being able to accommodate any emotion, in this material it is in fact possible to imprint a mark, a sign, and, immediately afterwards, change direction, cancel, modify. Modeling with clay therefore allows you to embrace an infinite range of possibilities, without having to go through the word. This makes the clay perfect as a therapeutic choice in many contexts, hospitals or private path, and in relation to different evolutive ages, as children and teenagers. Furthermore, the clay can range from sculpture to the creation of small functional objects, thus giving a link with the everyday context, both spatial, in the three-dimensionality of the sculpture, and functional, in everyday use objects. Contact me if you want to try clay therapy.We may be able to arrange a free 15-minute telephone or online consultation so that we can see whether working together might be a good fit. Clay Therapy is an individual path I can provide either in English or in Italian.

It is a 45′ session
I usually use a video platform called Zoom
I work with EU clients only due to licensing restrictions
Certified anthroposophic art therapist register Arte.a
Certified professionist, n.135 register FAC Expressive Therapists, Art Therapist, norma UNI 11592 October, 2015 


Beyond clay therapy in Atelier I use other therapeutic tools like watercolor that allows you to enter the soul-spiritual dimension of color.The watercolor I propose is based on Goethe’s theory of colors, later taken up by Steiner and developed in his book “The essence of colors”.

The How: Anthroposophical art Process and art therapy

The anthroposophic artistic process is based on R. Steiner’s anthropology. Everything that is alive is in a process of becoming. The individual, the space in which he acts, and the time form something unique; this unique imprint can be traced in “how”, in the qualities of human action. Job reading is based on the ability to read these qualities within artistic work. The artistic process restarts, removes obstacles and brings awareness, using only the elements of artistic practice, surface, line, gesture, color, shape etc.