Beauty is all around

Beauty is all around us, whispering in the most delicate details of nature. Even among the leaves of an artichoke, a world of elegance and harmony hides.

Finding it is a practice, a predisposition, a way of seeing the world with eyes that seek beauty in everything. As Voltaire wisely said, “The most courageous decision you make every day is to be in a good mood.”

This quote shines with truth, as joy and beauty often go hand in hand. And so, we find ourselves admiring not only perfection but also imperfection that exudes authenticity and character.

In the photo accompanying this post, we see a Wabi Sabi ceramic plate, on which and next to which lies a majestic artichoke. It’s an image that captures the very essence of this philosophy: the beauty of simplicity, the grace in imperfection, and the serenity in harmony with nature.

May this remind us to seek beauty in the little things, to embrace joy in imperfections, and to adopt the courageous decision to be in a good mood every day.


Hi, I’m Manuela, urban potter and Italian artist who’s passionate about exploring the expressive potential of clay. With a love for Wabi Sabi aesthetics and the beauty of imperfection, I create bespoke ceramics, paintings, and fine art photography. My studio, nestled in the charming city of Milan, is a magical box where creativity runs wild and beauty is abundant. Whether you’re looking to bring a touch of magic into your everyday life, or simply to explore your creative side through art therapy I’m here to inspire and encourage you on your journey. I bring art into the world and celebrate the beauty in every moment. This blog is my Artistic Salad, filled with creativity, beauty, joie de vivre, passion and tools for creative minds.

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