ph. credits Stefania Giorgi
ph. credits Stefania Giorgi

L’Atelier di Manuela Metra

Manuela Metra Atelier:
My happy place in the world

Where the magic starts

What can you expect: Organized Caos! We are all mad here! I believe that creativity is the most important thing.
More than twenty years of experience in art field make Manuela Metra Atelier a place full of wonder, colorful, whimsical things. Small batch of wabi sabi Ceramics and fine art photography. I also take care of your creativity  like as a  precious treasures, through art-workshop, art therapy tailored path, I brand and make unique your space through artworks. I take care of children with Clay lab. If you come at five o’clock, tea time with Cookie, my Corgi dog and me!