Artistic salad: tailored Art Services for Business

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Vision: Everyday Poetry

Poetry is Manuela Metra’s daily view of life, and she envisions spaces filled with poetry to create happy memories together.
Whether it’s personal or professional, creativity is the most important aspect of life. A life filled with joy involves nurturing imagination and expressiveness.

Purpose: tailored art services for business

Manuela Metra’s Studio provides unique art services. From the heart of the artist, pieces are created, reflecting every element of the human dimension. Each piece is different, tailored to a story and one of a kind.  With twenty years of experience and commitment to the Wabi Sabi concept, the studio is a philosophical space of conception and creation.

Core values: perfectly imperfect 

Wabi Sabi is Passion, Nonchalant Elegance, Refined Beauty and Uniqueness

Wabi Sabi: is the Japanese philosophical and aesthetic concept of perfectly imperfect beauty;

It’s Passion: is a way of living, of working, of realizing the heart and working from within,  with intensity;

Nonchalant Elegance: is the kind of elegance that does not need to appear. It is seen by its details, its sophistication, its wisdom in feeling the creation, rather than thinking the creation.

Refined Beauty:  knows the rules so well and knows they can be surpassed.

Uniqueness: everything is created by hand, individually, with love. All are one of a kind.