Ancient ceramic technique

One day I thought of making triangular dishes, I did not even know if by hand it was possible, I also imagined that they should have a smooth, satin surface, with a slight craquelé, to make the white interesting. I had also thought about a touch of color, maybe a light blue and natural, almost random effects. But I did not want it to be Raku. I was thinking rather of those ancient techniques of classical ceramics … so the idea slowly began to take shape. I made some custom molds, this took about three weeks. Then I looked for a cover for the pieces that was similar to the most ancient techniques of ceramic processing, in fact I did not want a real glaze. But I wanted it to be white. A beautiful soft white, warm and enveloping, silky to the touch. I found the formula that could be right. It was all to be verified. I ordered the stoneware directly from Germany, it took us three weeks to arrive. Finally I started to work. The wide and thin shapes were a challenge. After several attempts I managed to achieve a result that was close to what I had in mind. After about twenty days and several kilns to make the covers vitrified, I had samples. But it was not enough, I had to find a particular kiln, for the second fire, to bring out the effects I wanted on the pieces. So I contacted Giorgio Azzaretti, teacher and friend, expert in particular primitive fire, I explained my research and we agreed for a special kiln. In the end the result was extraordinary, unique and particular pieces.

Ancient Ceramic Technique
In the Mountain
Giorgio’s Studio
Giorgio’s Studio
Loaded the Kiln
Unpacked the Kiln
The process
Giorgio’s Work
The primitive fire
The nature around
The end of a beautiful day and the beginning of a new research

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