ph. credits Stefania Giorgi

Meet an Artist in the flesh:

I am Manuela Metra, an Artist and Art Therapist, based in Italy, the country of Arts and Dolce Vita, I am joy focused and in love with beauty. In addition to making small collections of poetic,  functional Wabi Sabi ceramics and fine art photography, I am specialized in Clay laboratories, helping people to meet the creative side of life; and helping creative entrepreneurs and companies with branding through my artworks with a dash of  clean style to capture the harmony of  life.

A Modern Dreamer:

I have always loved art, I’ve traveled to museums, studied the work of the greatest artists, visited places full of charm and history that taught me to educate my aesthetic sense and to speak different artistic languages. I tackled with various visual arts: painting, sculpturing, ceramic, photography, numerous techniques, materials, supports and perspectives. I met teachers who sifted through my talent, forcing me to find my way through stimuli and comparisons that made me grow. People who inspired me, like Fritz Marburg artist and therapist, Mastro Giuseppe who gave me wheel throwing lessons during his lunch break, Giorgio Azzaretti who taught me how to throw in Japan Style, in a very cold studio hidden in the mountains. John Colbeck, an extraordinary potter master with a love for thin pieces, Anna Cardani who at the Academy urged us to go beyond our limits, and Roberto Mineo, who took at least four hours to take a picture, until it was perfect. I immersed myself in the artistic works of the history of art, modern and classic, visiting great cities like small hidden villages. I took trains and planes to look for the beauty that art alone can give. I stopped for hours, losing the sense of time in front of a painting, I forgot lunches and skipped several nights to chase the fil rouge of Beauty, listening to music or in silence, admiring sunrises and sunsets. I discovered thanks to Steiner that we have 12 senses, 12 doors open to the world, to be nurtured, to fully enjoy the beauty of what surrounds us. I realized that love for art, for beauty should be brought into everyday life, it should be lived, it should be part of everyday life. In This Journey I discovered art in its three faces, as an artistic work of pure research, as a teaching and as art therapy. So I created Manuela Metra Atelier, a magic box for my artistic research and for your time to devote to art, in search of beauty, and a point of reference also for those who want to know the therapeutic power of clay. It is a gathered place, full of energy, where the different suggestions express themselves freely united by a unique feeling: the Wabi Sabi. I want to become more and more a reference point for Wabi Sabi ceramics, and its aesthetic philosophical concept, in a refined, attentive to design and detail city like Milan. Art as a tailor-made suit: Wabi Sabi Ceramics are available in small curated collections, the lessons are essentially individual itineraries by appointment, as the clay therapy paths are. The organization of workshops in specific contexts is part of my philosophy of bringing art into everyday life, able to make a difference.I have studied, traveled and experimented. I’ve mixed all together, fired at 1260 ° and put into my art works and in everything I do.
Welcome to my Atelier!

My Artistic Salad, to know what I do:

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My Style:

My aesthetic and expressive signature combines the classical elegance of the oriental style and minimalist Wabi Sabi, Shibui, with an amazing and elusively difficult to describe emphasis that permeates all my work as fine art photography as ceramic sculpure and paintings. Echo of art history, Italian heritage, shines and is transformed into unique creations of my 360° art view. In the last years I’ve worked mainly with artistic Wabi Sabi Ceramics and flowers fine art photography. I love declining this issue in endless possibilities ranging from classical composition, pictorical legacy of fine art still life, up to conceptual land art photography.

My Center: my ikigai

Bringing art into everyday life is what I do, an art to be experienced, to be tasted with our senses and the soul so that it becomes part of everyday life and intertwines with the spaces we inhabit and the emotions we live, accompanying us . This is how the Wabi Sabi Ceramics were born, as containers of emotions, with the idea of ​​the intimacy of the daily object, and also the fine art photographs, paintings, a temporal echo to dive into.

Out of Atelier:

I travel around Milan, the city I’ve always loved, looking at the houses, the gardens, the hidden beauties, the ones that are revealed in front of those who know how to look. I love taking cappuccino with cinnamon, I love chocolate and pampering my corgi dog ​​Cookie. If I don’t go around then it means I’m on my turquoise sofa watching some series on Netflix.