The Artist:

Welcome to the world of Manuela Metra, an internationally renowned artist who specializes in wabi sabi ceramics. With a deep passion for the beauty of imperfection and the appreciation of natural materials, Manuela creates unique pieces that embody the essence of wabi sabi philosophy.

Urban potter:

Manuela’s journey as a ceramicist began many years ago, when she discovered the concept of wabi sabi, while studying Japanese culture. Inspired by the simplicity and rustic elegance of wabi sabi aesthetics, she decided to dedicate her artistic career, to mastering this ancient art form.
Wabi sabi is a Japanese philosophy that embraces the beauty of imperfection, transience, and the appreciation of natural materials.
It celebrates the inherent flaws and uniqueness found in handmade objects, emphasizing a connection to nature and a sense of tranquility.
In her studio, nestled in the hectic creativity of Milan, Manuela meticulously handcrafts each ceramic piece with great attention to detail. She carefully selects the finest natural materials, such as clay and glazes, to create pieces that reflect the organic beauty, of the world around us.

Wabi Sabi Style: Ceramics

The essence of wabi sabi is captured in every creation, by Manuela Metra. Each piece tells a story, with its irregular shapes, subtle imperfections and earthy colors. These characteristics are not flaws, but rather deliberate choices, reflecting the artist’s belief in the beauty of impermanence and the passage of time.
Manuela’s wabi sabi ceramics range from delicate tea bowls and vases, to unique sculptures and tableware. Her creations have gained recognition from galleries and collectors worldwide, who appreciate the timeless elegance and soulful presence of her work.

Wabi Sabi Style: Paintings

On canvas, Manuela Metra translates wabi sabi’s ethos, into depth, layers and hues, which capture the tension between colour, form and substance, in organic matter. Infusing the wisdom of the wabi sabi aesthetic, her canvasses enrapture the gaze, taking the viewer, to the calmness and incompleteness of the present moment. Manuela’s art work has been exhibited in museums internationally and sold in galleries and exhibitions across the world. 

Embrace the beauty of imperfection

Whether you are a collector, an admirer of wabi sabi aesthetics, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of art and handmade creations, Studio Manuela Metra invites you to her collection. Each piece is a testament to the artist’s dedication to her craft and her deep understanding of the wabi sabi philosophy.
Thank you for connecting with us, on this journey of embracing imperfection and the beauty found in Mother Earth.

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In Manuela’s free time:

 A cappuccino with cinnamon and dark chocolate is adored, while binge-watching a series on Netflix with ​​Cookie, her corgi dog.